We Quit Smoking Javascript
Version 1.1
is looking for a home!
Due to server limitations and University policies, I cannot host the full site that I would like to see this script used for.  I would really like to see this kept up as the Quit List that is posted to as3 is.  If someone has a server with the room but does not have time to maintain it, I am willing to maintain the list.  I just cannot host it on NMSU-A's server. 
Released into public domain by Stan McCann Nov. 24, 1998. 
Free for use with special thanks to all the special people that frequent 
I made the I Quit Smoking script as easy to use as possible to eliminate the need for advanced knowledge in html and javascript.  The same is not true of the We Quit script.  In order to set it up, you should have a good knowledge of html and at least a basic knowledge of javascript. 
Feel free to email me for help if you are setting this up and run into problems. 
Instructions for use and setup
Retrieve the basic script by visiting the We Quit Smoking page and saving it. 
Open the We Quit Smoking page in a text editor and read through all of the sections marked with asterisks.  Each section is clearly marked as to what changes need to be made.  After making modifications to the page, it should be saved with a new name specific for the month the page is created for.  The page was designed to only include one month of one year and an index page should be created to link to each of the monthly pages. 
The page was designed to reuse the caculation and display function for each person to be listed.  Each person's quit information will be placed in a separate row of a table and must be modified as marked in the page coding. 
There are clearly marked areas in the page above and below the code which creates the Quitting information where you may enter any other HTML code to personalize your pages. 
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