We Quit Smoking October 1998

We Quit Smoking October 1998

We Quit Smoking October, 1998
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DaveBer     Quit on 10/12/98   

Tina     Quit on 10/15/98   

Marty     Quit on 10/18/98 

Irene      Quit on 10/20/98 
"New and Improved"

Stan     Quit 10/24/98 
"See you in the non-smoking section." 
stan@nmsua.nmsu.edu    http://alamo.nmsu.edu/~stan 

Maggie     Quit on 10/31/98

To be added to this list, send email to 
Please provide: 
  • Name you wish to be listed as
  • Date you quit smoking (sorry, but October 1998 only)
  • How many cigs per day you smoked
  • How much you paid per pack
  • If not 20, how many cigs in pack
  • Picture in gif or jpg format attached

  • (if you want your picture listed) 
  • How you wish the quit text to read (the uderlined cannont be changed)  Example:

  • I quit smoking amount of time ago.  I've not smoked # cigs not smoked cigarettes, saving $amount of money saved, and I expect to live life saved longer because of it. 
  • A short quote or other information (email, web address, etc) to be included

  • (if you want)

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