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Some day, I may even organize stuff

First online experience? Working construction back then, there were good and bad times financially. I had taken a couple of computer courses at a community college that sparked my interest in computers. So when good times came around, I had pockets full of money and went to a computer store. Walked out with a brand new Amiga 500 with a whole megabyte of memory. And although I remember it as a 300 baud modem, it was more likely a 2400 in 1985. Soon I was playing Tradewars on a local BBS and trading messages with people all around the world via UseNet.

But it was about 92 that the world really opened up. I went back to college in 89. In a year, I was hired by that college (NMSUA). A couple years later, we got hooked up to main campus and I had to learn quickly how to manage a connected network. Still no .coms or www yet but soon to be.

The 90s were wonderful times using the Internet to learn how to manage my little part of it. Up to about 500 nodes when I had to retire.

When I first started work at the college, we had an IBM 3270?, no hard drive, just an 8" floppy and a whopping 256 k RAM. I don’t know what it was even used for as beginning the semester I started, it never even got turned on. It sure gave us space when we finally junked it.

I was a poor construction worker that picked up an old Atari at a pawn shop mid 80s. I think I paid $75 or some such. I had learned some Apple basic at community college. It was interesting to go backwards to the Atari. Writing/saving/running programs from tape was interesting, to say the least.

Weird. Both sites share the same directory. Yet when accessing, I see my favicon in the browser tab. Not with No icon. Ah, cleared cache and restarted browser. That fixed it.