Welcome to my websites. Yep, a twofer.

SureCann.com, former business site


StanMcCann.us, personal site

This new maintained (hopefully) site now combines SureCann.com which was my business site and stanmccann.us, my personal site. One easy place to maintain as long as I can keep my focus. And re-learn (need to go to version 5 while at it maybe?) html.

OK, I'm beginning on that html thing. I just converted the starting code for this page. There is no other difference. Scanning the documentation, there are some additions. Nothing mind blowing.

Looking at this, blah! I need to spruce this up some. So far, boooring.

For Starters, a bit from SureCann

Well duh!, I immediately started off with my main thing instead of SureCann which was a side gig. I Supported a couple of small office networks, created and managed a few websites and general computer consulting and repair. But that was all on the side. See below.

I was the Computer Center Manager and Webmaster at New Mexico State University at Alamogordo, a Community College and branch of NMSU in Las Cruces, NM. I was also the server administrator for NMSU-A's web presence at /alamo.nmsu.edu (defunct). On the side, I taught classes for the computer science and web development programs.

That career ended due to a catastrophic motorcycle accident followed by falls causing more broken bones. My last bad fall broke my left femur for the second time. It was over four years after the crash and I still have many health and mobility issues due to the accident. The doctor finally said that there was no way in hell I was going back to work.

And the couple of links from stanmccann.us

Family, friends and motorcycles

How I became Uncle Pirate

Old pages with php code removed.

Am I an atheist?


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A beginner start at HTML 5

A different? or backup? of How I became Uncle Pirate

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Victoria and Melissa at white Sands (Granddaughter and Daughter)
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